Fix Some Thing In Swoopoclone

Fix Some Thing In Swoopoclone
My site is almost configured (, althought there are some things i still need to solve but i am having doubts.
Keep in mind that this script is not just one more of those avaliable on internet all bugged but this one

The probs are:

-Help section does not send the support emails to me neither to other departments, and Registration and forget pw mails are being sent with some visible code in the middle – i think its needed to install some SMTP server.

-Buy it now is not working, and it shall work this way: after someone “buy it now” in one auction that is running, that still continue on, and on the end all the loser bidders shall be able to pay the difference between what they spent in bids and the commercial price of the item;

This script use cakephp and some other code advanced features like ioncube so it’s not that easy to configure so think twice before accept the deal! I will only pay after i see the work done!

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