Css/php Project Using Drupal

**** Need to integrate below changes on drupal framework ****
company website is under development and we need help implementing two CSS elements of our desired design, which is already complete and in PSD format: (1) A page background image that dynamically grows to outline the main body content of a page and (2) an “active” arrow on our menu bar indicating which area the user is currently viewing.

We expect this project will take a CSS/PHP expert up to 2 hours to complete

Lowest bid with good review will win. If you can do this as expected
we will get you more of similar works and also complete PHP projects

Budget: 20 to 30$

**** Payment on completion and will be escrowed ****

Please don’t try contacting us directly… Will strictly follow scriptlance terms.

view our Drupal-based website at http://www.sparkpad.com. However, to view all the pages, including the actual home page (i.e., not the “Coming Soon” page), you will need to log in using this account I created for you:

username: alyosha
password: paul

This project involves implementing two visual elements of our website design (PSD attached). I assume you will need to touch both our CSS and PHP. The two elements are:

(1) Background image for the body “main” content area
In the attached PSD file, you will see a shadow outline surrounding the content area. The art asset for this is located in the PSD file in the “BODY” layer titled “Box”. We need you to implement this shadow outline and the white background for the main content area. (Note: The designer actually uses a slight gradient for the background color but this is not necessary. You can make the background color solid white using HTML/CSS. To ensure a fast page load time, we prefer you use an image only for the shadow outline, not for the white background.) Please make sure when you implement this that it looks good across all pages on the site. (The home page is an exception — that page uses a special template for the body content that you do not need to address.)

(2) “Active” arrow on the top menu bar
In the attached PSD files, you will see a white arrow triangle indicating the current area you are viewing. The art asset for this is located in the PSD file in the “MENU” layer titled “Active Arrow”. This arrow needs to be centered under the current menu name as the user navigates the site. For example, the arrow should point at “How It Works” whenever a user is viewing a page anywhere within /works, including all pages below, such as /works/development…

Please take a look at our site and let me know what files you will need to complete this project. I will zip them and send them to you. We do not provide non-employees with direct access to our Drupal administration area or to our web site files via FTP.

I am available at anytime to upload files for you so that you can test your changes. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to make your work easier given the limited access.

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