Photo Upload Page

webshop (oscommerce) is selling digital printed wallpaper (wall covering) or window blinds.

categories showing digital photos in standard with and height in good resolution.

user can choose from that or ……. upload their own picture , which must be checked first if pixel is ok and fitting the size they give in,

prices for wallpaper and blind are different and per m2

user gives in input for wall height and wall width of the room.
or if its a blind, the size of window.

the photo is than cropped to that size and when done user can put it into the cart, and of course also uploaded to the upload folder.

when done, its showing as a order in shopping cart,and in admin after payment, the admin gets order confirmation, and a link where to find the upload/name/date
meaning that after upload a date is added via php to the name of the upload.

its not a huge project, but i need to get the picture from categfories in with $_get picture , same with upload which will be $_post picture on tthe crop page, and when all done to the cart with the exact calculated price

need warning for to small images and uploadstatus.

Not bid if :
-You not understand how huge images are printed on for example wallpaper
-you do not get this project fixed in a week
-want money upfront outside Scriptlance
-family problems, internet problems, or other problems to avoid comunication

because these i already had enough here

PM me for the testserver where we have the digital section

happy bidding for you all!

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