Scrap Sites To Database

Need all data mined to something I can open or import into MS access from these sites:

Fields would be something like this – year, sport (“football” or “baseball” depending on which site is being scraped), brand, #, description, price.

entries would be-
2007|Football|Finest Refractors|1|Peyton Manning|5.00
2007|Football|Finest Refractors|2|Drew Brees|2.81
2007|Football|Finest Refractors|3|Donovan McNabb|2.83
and so on… for every year, brand… basically all category entries on each site. On the left hand side menu, you can use that menu for break down of the years and brands, etc.

If there is anything else you can think of to add, feel free, also would be nice (if using access) to have a query form and decent report/list displays, and also an entry form to add new or edit corrupted entires… but non of that is required at all, especially if you are quick and thorough.

This should be easy for someone with auto mining experience, and I don’t plan on paying a bunch for something that you should be able to automate. Should also be able to handle hammering/blocking issues if they come up… and also don’t bring their sites down or anything like that. I want the data asap, but understand if it might take an extra day or so as to be courteous to the site owner.

I don’t pay up front, check my feedback. If you provide solid work, and seem to be dedicated to being impressive… it could lead to future more profitable work. Thanks!

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