Php / Mysql / Some Html And Cs

need developer that can work on a project requiring PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, and some HTML and CSS. This is a rather large job I’m guessing 80 hours+. Willing to pay by the hour. I will pay fairly for the work done.

Project is an e-commerce-ish type of project created by honocart . Scope includes admin and user interfaces, account status, pulling very large BD information in a presentable way, exporting DB info, charging credit cards, cron jobs, . Very heavy on DB info that needs to be accessed. Scope of how system is set up will be agreed upon.
I have to be able to evaluate other PHP sites you have designed, so lease send examples. I am interested in a 4-6 month consulting agreement so I have to be confident you will be available for continued work and modification. Paid of course.

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