Auction Site

Auction Site
Hello Dear Programmers:

The solution for this project must be a “Ready to Run” LAMP Script & Graphic Design to create a heavy traffic/transactional auction web site (from 1 to 2000 user at the same time) with the following characteristics:

– All the required to functionality to clone, &
– Able to integrate or combine several auction types in the same site (at least: penny auctions, seat auctions, lowest & unique auctions, traditional auctions & reverse auctions.
– Graphic design for the new brand to be used in the new web site.
– How it woks video. Similar to Swoopo or Scriptlance tutorial.
– Customizable design templates. Including templates to clone, &
– Accounting module. Review accountancy. Interface with professional accounting software.
– 100% Open Source.
– Installation included.
– Detailed Functionality. Attached you will find a MS-Word File as my best attempt to clarify the scope.


– Certified programmer is a plus.
– Spanish spoken is a plus.
– Affordable hosting and administration plans are a plus.
– Wide portfolio is a plus.
– Auction sites within portfolio is a must.
– Long term support and service is a must.
– Please mention the development cost ($/hour) for new requirements.

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