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Opening Multiple Store Locations

I will like a seperate body class <body class=””> dynamically inserted (not replacing existing classes) for each location based on the location in the URL.

This is so each location can have their own color scheme.

Also where the text of the location is listed will need that text filtered out and replaced with the correct City and State text.

Example text

The finest East Texas windows and doors.

The finest Shreveport / Bossier City windows and doors.

The finest Houston TX windows and doors.

htaccess, php array, and mod rewrite would be a way we will not have to mess with the database.

It will involve finding locations hard coded in the HTML and replacing with a <php echo $location;?>

.htaccess and mod rewrite to take the location embedded in the URL and save that url segment into the $location variable. also replace dashes in the url with spaces and capitalize the location in the page output but not the URL use <php str_replace ?> for that

It is one site with hardcoded html in through out the content.

Pages should have proper region in place of the East Texas that is currently in there.

All regions share same content. The only thing different is the

<body class=”*region* … plus other classes …”>

and the

<span class=local>*region*</span> scattered throughout the content

Can I please hire someone to fix this.

If you think it is better to use smarty variables and therefore ‘database stuff’ then talk to me about that.

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