Customization Smarty Script

Briefly describe my project is following:

– customization of LGPL licence script called GPix based on Smarty templates. See below link:

– customization concerning generally:
– adding generation and navigation method of the so-called main “grid” on homepage (idea similar to Google Maps’ generation of map) – required probably AJAX, jQuery or Mootools skills.
– modifications a mainteance (format) of selectable so-called “regions” by controls at admin panel
– adding new features to users/visitors accounts (registration)
– enhance statistic details for buyers account and admin panel:
– change a format of a counter to the destination parameter of website
– change a look of language selector
– adding form/poll box and adding subpage with presentation of collected information from visitor
– adding some others smaller scripts.

So my initially question is that are You intersetd in my offer?

Best Regards

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