Kevin Lindmark

Need a jquery/php script to perform the following:

1. Extract data from flat text file. Example text string to be identified is:

#RES 0 1932 47000.00
#RES -1 1932 40000.00

Data extracted are the last three parts (year/account/amount)

A separat part of the textfile identifies the name of the account:

#KONTO 1932 “Fondkonto”

Where “Fondkonto” is the account name

See attached example text file.

2. Extracted data should then be sortable in a table for a certain year based on jqueryUI. Se brief example attached:
– Subcategories are fixed
– Account number, name and its amount extracted from text file
– The sum for each subcategory should be dynamically updated

3. After data is sorted it should be saved to serialized or json in a mysql database. The data should then be able to be opened later in the table of point 2.

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