Database For Classes

Database For Classes
I need to a “sample” database that allows users to view class schedule, price and other key factors seamlessly integrated into a webpage. The admin must be able to add and delete and set preferences.
*This not the final product its just used as a test model project.

sample layout-

1. 6 column/ 3 rows
2. 1st row is orange/2nd blue/ 3rd grey
3. columns types are – class type|start date|day(s)| course| time|price|register or request


-1 st row -By default “start date” displays “flexible” or “Any” and “course length” displays “Varies” or “3 days”
-2nd row show give user options for “start date” and “days”
-3rd row gives administrator options to show “start date” or “Call For dates” and for Day(s) it allow admin to display “day(s) or “TBD” –

other rules

– allows user to input price, time of course, course length, days of course, start date and class type

-for all the final columns ” register/request” by default the first two columns will display “register”. The last row will display “register” or “request” based on the Admins preference.

When it displays “Call for dates” and “TBD” it displays “Request” if “Start date and “Days” appear it displays “Register”

All rows doest have to display all at once. it can drop down to all three

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