Jquery Expert – Dynamic Form

Looking for someone who can create a jQuery script that, when included on an html page, will create a full submittable, ajax based form. I am looking for an expert for this because it has a very specific use.


I have a database table with form fields (excerpted below);

– First Name – String – Limit 50 – Required
– Last Name – String – Limit 50 – Required
– Date – Valid Date – Required
– Description – TextArea – Optional
– Category – Select List – Optional
– Options – List of Check Boxes
– Cost – Decimal – Required

I need to create a form dynamically using JavaScript (jQuery) so when this script is placed on an HTML page, it will build a new element, add a new form to the element, add the form fields, add a submit button, and add validation.


1. Create a jQuery based script that will create a form with the following field types

– Text Box
– Text Area
– Drop Down List
– Radio Button List
– Date Selector
Ex: http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/

2. Form elements should be added using functions so as new form elements are added, little extra programming must be done

3. Form post should be handled using Ajax
– Ex: http://trevordavis.net/play/jqueryajaxform/

4. Form validation should be handled using Ajax
– Ex: http://www.benjaminkeen.com/software/rsv/jquery/demo.php?page=2
– Validate required fields
– Validate data types (Int, Date, Email)

5. Logical and well thought out script structure and naming conventions

6. Ability to add form titles as <span> element

7. Ability to assign class to any element added to the form (for css styling)


This is a project for a script. The script should be uncompressed and unencrypted. The project is for full source code so all related source is required in full

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