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OK re posting project / coder vanishes after doing nothing somewhere in India.

But it is a NEW day and client still wants work done, so;

Client is adding a very simple feature to his website. He currently has two pages (news & specials) that he is always adding to. He likes the format of listing a thumbnail, title and small description in row view linked to its own page for further expanded details.

An admin control is needed to add/edit/delete or paginate the row view of thumbnails, titles and descriptions for both the new page and the specials page.


Within that admin offer a HTML editor so any person he chooses to update his site can easily “drag and drop” , change fonts, add photos, preview before publishing and/or just be creative to edit the area of the page that will contain the expanded new or special.

Each expanded page will be generated from the script and will have editable meta tags and hot links.

All controls including pagination, tags and content need to be in one easy admin area.

here is what is needed:
one Admin control
2 pages (news and specials) adminable creating the row view as described above.
Generated pages for each title linked from the row view page.

This is simply a drag and drop or cut and paste page editor with an admin.

The Design of the project is complete and the css will remain the same, we only need the script for php installed to update the row view of news page, update specials page and have independent pages generated for each news / special for the purpose of SEO.

((( Bidding criteria / Winning Bidder / Deadline: )))

This project has a 30 day deadline.

Auto Bids or bids with statement such as “Can be done” will be banned forever.

Please look at the attachments carefully before bidding.

Must be available M-F business hours U.S. east coast time.

Must be available during business hours (see above) for daily on MSN during the project (((NO EXCEPTIONS)))

All work will be done on our server – no exceptions

Do not cut and past ANY previous example of links that do not relate to this type of project.

Payment – No exceptions

1/3 at 50% point and balance upon completion

½ of initial payment will be escrowed immediately.

Please read our reviews, We don’t play games and we pay very well. However payment are our on our terms and will NOT Alter.

Most important – Please read Carefully:
This project has a 30 day deadline if this is not something you can focus on and WORK ON PERSONALLY then do not place a bid.

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