Google Api Keyword/ad Sugges 2

Google Api Keyword/ad Sugges 2

Our company is looking for a developer and consultant who understands Google API like an expert. You’ll need to design a very simple call that retrieves all the relevant keywords of a given site URL (we give this variable), then also grab the top ad based on a keyword on the Google results.

You will need to be good at PHP.

Very simple and short task, and then you need to be a team player 🙂

Long-term contract potential available for exciting projects at our firm, if you perform this simple task well.

Here is the exact task – so please read carefully before you bid, because we want someone who is 100% confident in this exact task:

Basically, this should all be in php and documented extremely well.

You’ll be creating a form.

Using the Google API, the end user will input a URL into the form. This URL will use the Google Keyword suggest function and bring back a number of keywords related to the site’s content. This is the website content function in keyword tool of Google.

After the keywords are grabbed, you will sort out the keyword with the highest number of advertisers on it’s corresponding SERP. Grab the very top ad off Google results and output it as text on the final page (output).

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