Unique Auction Format Script

I need something very similar to http://www.bpowerhouse.info/dutch-auction-script.htm It’s basicly like an inverted buy it now auction where the price starts high, and goes backwards over time as there are no bids the above mentioned script requires a deposit and to see the price you have to “scratch” whereby they are charged one credit for peeking at the price and have 10 seconds to do a buy it now at that price. If they don’t do buy it now, the price is again concealed, the next person who scratches it gets a price drop and yet another opportunity to do a buy it now.

I want similar functionality in regards to it starting at a price and the price dropping in increments that are set on a per product basis when you list the item. I do not need or want this scratch feature. I just want an inverted buy it now. Ideally I would like to list several dozen items at a time if not hundreds of items at a time in 10 minute to one hour auction formats. This can be negotiable depending on how much server load would be hammered because of the calls to database of the prices refreshing each minute for that many products.

Countdown timers could be in flash for aesthetic reason but not necessary. Im hoping someone has a really good penny auction script already and can rip out all bidding formats and build this format into the script.

For example i have an item retail price is $50 item starts at $50 each minute taht goes buy the item drops say $3 or $5 as set by the admin who listed the item. Each time it drops anyone is welcome to do a buy it now if they are comfortable buying the item at that price. But if they try to be greedy and wait too long someone else is free to snatch it with a buy it now at any time.
Id also like there to be a low ceiling that the admin can give value to so the price will not fall below that threshold. Once it hits that price the auction would remain open for say 2 minutes or 5 minutes and would automatically end and auto relist. (if relist was checked off by admin for that product)

I am looking for a developer who may be interested in a full time partnership/revenue share for this site, i don’t want to give out too many details publicy but Im in a situation where in my niche(very big one) I can offer the lowest prices on the planet for these goods, this would be a very high volume selling site. I currently lease an office in a very large importers warehouse with 40,000 sq ft full of millions of dollars in inventory, i have next to no overhead and extremely deep discounts through this importer because I already have an exisiting business giving her good volume.

Partnership is not necessary however if you are intersted we can work out a percentage for your permanant services as a coder for this site. I will handle all marketing and customer service. Collecting payments. You simply code the site, do any maintenance/upgrades and sit back and collect a nice monthly check. The products I sell are very popular impulse items. I can sell at any profit margine because I have no overhead. I simply sell from my importers multi million dollar stock. So if I make a 10 or 20 percent margin I dont care. I will make sure the low ceiling price of each item ensures I make at least 15 percent markup from my cost. Most items will sell much much higher.

If you understand the concept Ive listed above please feel free to bid on project or PMB about a possible partnership with me. I have an established ecommerce site thats been in business since 2004 so I know what Im doing and know the market for these products. Would prefer php script that is secure with no possible backdoors. I would also want an attractive trendy/hip template for this site. Most of the templates out there for the penny auction scripts would do the trick.

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