Custom Rma Magento Extension

Good Morning
We have bought this RMA extension, RMA Extension.

However it doesnt fit all our needs. so we need this extension or a new one customized and customizable.

These are the things we have detected, can you please give me a quote for this implementation and how long would it take.

Magento RMAs Customization
These are requirements found by me

1. We should be able to customize the RMA Questions that the user fills. For example Reason should not be a big text, it should be a select list. and an additional notes field.

2. We should be able to customize the RMA Questions that the person that receives the package fills. Example: Package contents: Toner(yes/no), package condition (1..10), custom text questions.

3. We should be able to customize the RMA questions that the product inspector fills. (printer working? (yes/no), scratches(1…10)), custom questions (text).

4. We should be able to create RMA’s from orders that werent ordered using the website
5. We should be able to customize the States a RMA can transition through.
For example: RMA received(inital state), Package(s) Received, On Technician Verification, Verification Failed By xxx reason, Refund Approved, Refund Issued, Send Replacement Approved, Send Replacement Sent.

6. User should receive notifications optionally every time the rma changes state.

7. We should be able to add notes in every change of state of an RMA.

8. Extension should work in all websites of the magento installation.

These are the requirements found by the Returns team at the company
For the customer

1. Before they can submit a RMA, the first thing they have to do is to read the Returns policy, and select a checkbox with “I agree”.
2.When the customer is filling out the form, it will be good if they have different options of why they wanr to return the product : Broken, Not working, Cosmetics, Wrong Order, etc….and having another one with “other”and in that one have the blank space to write and explain.
3.The customer should have 3 options, Refund, Advanced Exchange, Replacement ( the meaning of those 3 will be explained from the very beginning in the policy text)
4. After they finish the Rma, we need them to receive a confirmation e..mail.

In case there’s an advanced exchange, we would need to have the option that the customer can create the new order, and pay as normal ( but keep it related witn the old invoice number)

For the Admin

1. We have to be able to modify the different status ( or at least change the ones are established right now) we need to have the status “shipping labels sent”
2.In technician review part, we will need to add a form that our techinican will fill out, it has to has some multiple selections options, and also a blank space for writing comments.

Time taken by an RMA to transition between states: Created to Completed.
Which product models have more RMA.s

We think we might need 1 or 2 reports more but have not defined yet.


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