Web Application Needed (rush 2

I need a developer to build a page that allows our clients to search our criminal records database. This page will require password access, be able to submit a name and date of birth to our database and capture the records from the database and post them to our client on a seperate web page. The database is fully built and has these items ready to go already:
*XSLT Stylesheets ready to go. Use them as they are or alter them to fit your site better
*Sample code for Coldfusion, JSP, PHP and ASP.NET
*A simple, highly stuctured XML set that once implemented will not require future changes be implemented by your programmer as our XML design is “Self Maintaining”.
*A test harness with plenty of test names you can run to be sure your interface is working properly with our system.

Our website is completed and we just need to add the page and tie it into our database provider.

XML is a must and our website is built in JOOMLA

I need this completed in a couple of days

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