Website Update

I have a jobs website, please can you have a look at these instruction and provide me with one costing to complete all work.

1/ Post Resume changed to Complete Application
> 2/ Edit Resume changed to Edit Application
> 3/ View Resume changed to View Application
> 4/ after registration, redirect to the build_resume.php page instead
> of thanks.php
> 5/ on the Complete Application – Work Experience form, before Position
> you want two new fields:
> Employer Name (textbox)
> Employer Address (textarea)
> And after Description, you want one new field
> Reason for leaving (textarea)
> 6/ on Edit Application – Work Experience – same as 5/
> 7/ on View Application – Work Experience – show the three new fields from 5/
> 8/ on all Search/Browse results pages (job seeker-side & employer
> side), show the jobs by id in descending order (newest jobs come
> first).
> 9/ modify job Search results page to have more information
Can you should the following field
Carer Level
Location:city and county
Job Summary – about 3 lines from discription
> 10/ add an application date field to the database (doesn’t exist right
> now) and show it on the applicant info page
> 11/ add a candidate search by date range (based on signup date). (Keep
> in mind that all of the existing candidates have no signup date
> associated with their application since that field doesn’t exist in
> the database yet.)

12/ add a candidate search by location. location: just city and county,
13 Can you have a look at the search section available to employer, I have not been able to search CVs by location, can you fix this.

14. On search for Job section, if you select a county for example derbyshire, it give you 11 jobs results, it then say next and then bring you back to main result. Can you change that from next to back to Main Result. Also if you look at the search result page for jobs in surrey it give you 66, all these jobs are not displayed on one page but if you click next it does not bring you to page 2 of search result instead it brings you to the main job result page, can you fix this.

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