Two Osc Jobs. Delivery & Cards

Two Osc Jobs. Delivery & Cards
This is urgently needed. The Allow Delivery Date selection needs completed first and is most critical. Card application is secondary.

1. User will be able to choose a card or no card to be added to their order

a. Must be able to view the card in a light box

b. Adding a card will cost an additional $x.xx

2. After a card is chosen user will be able to upload a photo or logo to be printed on the card as well as adding text.

a. User must be able to preview the card before completing the oder

i. Must be able to move the image/logo around on the card

b. Logo/Image and text will be printed on the inside of the card

3. has a similar application we would like to clone.

1. Adding of choose a delivery date

a. Allows user to order in advance

b. Will blackout dates unavailable to send cakes.

i. EX: Orders placed after 4:50PM ET Monday through Friday or after 10 AM Saturday will be processed the following business day.

Should look similar to this:

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