Website Fix : Resizing Images

Website Fix : Resizing Images
Have a look at my website
I want to restructure how images are used on my website. When I upload images to the site they need to be specifically sized to fit into the layout of the website. For example, some images need to be sized exactly at 100×100 pixels. However, this has proven to be problematic because the images don’t work at those measurements. If you try to resize the image, it often comes out look truncated and blurry.

This is from the “help” section in the Admin side of my website:

Helpful Information

Image File Dimensions
Small Logo File: 80 pixels x 50 pixels
Large Logo File: 100 pixels by 100 pixels
Teaser Image: 204 pixels x 109 pixels
Release Image: 82 pixels x 53 pixels

I would like this fixed somehow so that the system works like a blog (I use blogger) in that you don’t need to size the image, just upload it and it sizes the image appropriately.

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