Php My Sql Interactive Website

I need a 10 page website
(= 5 page layouts that repeat two times so that I can do 5 pages in one language and 5 similar pages in the second main language of our country)
for which I will supply layout 5 layout samples created in graphics package (Coreldraw)
and which can vary in length depending on the text inserted
programmed to be used on Linux platform
with the ability
a. to give basic information about the company (using the 5 pages)
b. to display a list of products (= picture + specs)
in a range of categories
from one of the 5 pages (products page)
c. to add categories and products to the list
d. to restrict the amount of categories/products displayed when I set it up
e. and to change background colour of the website when I set it up.
f. to be easily managed/updated/changed by my secretary (with no knowledge of website management) from a screen/control panel on her desktop computer =
1. Change text on pages
2. Change pictures on pages
3. Add/delete products in categories (text + pictures)
4. easily change prices on range of products
5. Download opt-in list, compare it with previously downloaded list and update it
g. and from which we can do email marketing to our customers (opt-ins on web page) using the abovementioend control panel on the desktop.

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