Bingo Game Project

Bingo Software

We are looking to have bingo software built for our website.

The specifications are as follows:

The game must have 90 ball bingo games – each room should have a chat room (British style bingo) with the option to create new bingo halls at the push of a button.
This game must be able to be won on 1 line, 2 lines and then a full card (3 lines)
There will be six cards per strip each with 15 numbers making up the 90 numbers called.

The game must also have a 75 ball bingo games (American style bingo) for this bingo we will need to create patterns in which the bingo number called will make up the pattern, once the pattern has been formed from the called numbers – then the game is over.

Each bingo card will need to create serial numbers which will be stored in the database in case of any problems with the game.

The bingo games must also be able to continue playing from the games server in the event of the site going down, and if the gaming server was to go down – money automatically refunded to the players for that game.

Both the 75 and 90 ball bingo games must have a progressive jackpot where players would have to win the game in a smaller amount of numbers for them to win the jackpot – this will be better explained to the winning bidder.

There are many examples of online bingo games online.

The game will need to randomly generate cards to players and also randomly generate numbers which will be marked on each card

Each game will take around 3 minutes with a new game starting every 5 minutes

We will need to be able to set the percentage amount that goes into each game.

Member accounts:
Each member must be able to fund their account – we will therefore need someone who can integrate payment processors such as neteller, ecocard and ukash.

Members must be able to see a history of what they have funded to their accounts and what they have withdrawn etc.

Members must also be able to see how many players are in each game.


The admin must be able to produce daily, weekly and monthly earnings on a whole member basis.

We will need to be able to check on each player and how much they have funded (for promotional purposes)

We will need the option to credit player accounts with bonuses (bonuses will also not be able to be withdrawn as cash but players can buy into cash games with bonuses and if they win the game – the game prize would become cash.

More on the admin area will also be explained to the winning bidder

We are not a huge company with 1000’s of dollars so please be realistic in your bidding!

The winning bidder must have a very good command of English and must also have their own development server which the game would be developed on.

Please note – that we will make an initial deposit of $50 into scriptlance but we will not pay any money until the software is complete and we are happy, please understand our reasoning for this as we have been bitten twice on scriptlance. But we will be more than happy to make full payment into scriptlance on the day the software is eployed to our servers and once all is set up – fully release the funds to the winning bidder.

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