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for one of our website pages we currently have an option for the kids to download a PDF file and then color an object that is black and white that has the shape of an ice cream. once they are done with color and painting the ice cream the parents can bring the page to the store and we will give them a gift and hang the kids drawing on the wall in the store.

our goal now is to make this process web based. the kids should have the option to color the ice cream directly online using basic color tools (similar to photoshop) or preferably even simpler.

once they are done with coloring the ice cream, they can submit it to us online using the submit button or however you suggest.

we will the print it out and hang it on the wall AND post it to our website.

we are open for ideas.

goal is to get the kids drawing plus Kids
Full Name,
Email (parents)
IP address submitted
Submission Date

see attached a screenshot of basic idea of what we are trying to do.

please write us what you can do for us exactly and what we will be getting for the bid.

as with any project of ours, all payments are funded 100% in escrow before project begin.
if this project is not for you, still make sure to mark us a favorite so that you get notification from us for future projects. we are among top 20 buyer here in Scriptlance with excellent feedback.

you will be working with a dedicated project manager at all time to allow a smooth and professional transaction.

if you have worked with us in the past please mention this to us. we do give priority to our existing developers.

please only discuss this project and do not write long company description.
As always we give priority to anyone that can show us a basic demo or proof of concept.

we are open for ajax, flash or whatever technology you want to use. user should not have to download any program.

deadline: within 20 days or sooner.

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