Looking For Long Term Company

1. Must be okay with not accepting funds for a project until the project is 100% complete. more on this later. Funds will be paid in full via either a US Based bank account or paypal, your choice.

2. Must communicate on a daily basis. We do too much work to not keep in touch with on a daily basis

3. Must have a staff that can handle work load

4. Must offer PHP, ASP, Flash and javascript programming

5. Must do at least minimal graphic work although I have a graphic guy that takes care of more of my higher end projects from a graphic standpoint

6. Must send updates on project that I specify we need updates on the next day.

7. Must be able to hit deadlines

8. While i am flexible on this to some extent, must work for the budget that I determine for a proejct. we send too much work to be strong armed payment wise.

9. Must communicate with my assistant on a daily basis

10. Must speak at least passible english

11. All work must be done on our server

we outsource anywhere between 15-45k in jobs per month to 1 company. becuse of this i expect to be able to pretty much set my own payment terms and payment amounts for the most part. i wont’ ask you to work on a 3 month project with no deposit.

I’ve been working with 1 company for more than 2 years, and I’ve just about had enough and I”m looking to see if there is a better more professional company to work with.

my skype is black17media

work available as soon as tomorrow if someone blows me away with what theyc an do

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