Simple Site Fixes + Add

Hello everyone,

Here is the site address –

Your job (fix):

1.Fix whatever is causing the site to no longer list the Today’s TOP and top 100 torrents. This problem suddenly popped up a few days ago. Searching for torrents still works. This is also the reason why there is a giant blank area on the page.

2.Restart the cronjob that gathers torrents so the database begins growing again.

3.On this page – there is a white box on the bottom of the page, I need that fixed so the footer lines up with the bottom of the screen.

Your job(add)

1.I need someone to add unique titles to each page. For example, the static pages should have titles like The Pirate Harbor | Home, FAQ etc. The torrent pages should have titles that put the name of the torrent (download torrent) – TPH in the title.

2. Also, I need someone to add the new Facebook “like” social plugin to the torrent pages. Docs can be found here – you can use the iframe version or the xfbml, doesn’t matter.

3. Finally, on the torrent detail pages I need someone to make the “alternative download link” hotlink to another torrent site.

Thats about it, any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Should take an experienced programmer less than an hour.

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