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I would like a simple php tool designed that will generate a multi-page website for me that will have just a few elements that I can specify for each page.

Basically I would like a tool that has the same framework as that I can use to build other websites and be able to specify new keywords for.

I can provide the php files for that site so that you can see how it all goes together. I would just like it setup so that I can enter keywords for each main page as well as keywords for the subpages of each main page. the subpages would be linked on the left like you will see on the example website. This is a two level system, but should not be difficult.

For exmaple The home page would have a navigation bar that would link to the main topics such as different brands of purses. Then on each of the dynamically generated pages of the main topics there would be a different set of navigation links that I would specify for the subpages. You will know what I mean by looking at the site I posted above.

The tool to generate these sites should be something that is uploaded to a server for each site and the keywords and pages would be entered on an admin page. The simpler the interface, the better.

It would look something like:

Keyword 1:
sub-keyword 1
sub-keyword 2
sub-keyword 3

Keyword 2:
sub-keyword 1
sub-keyword 2
sub-keyword 3


The main objective is to be able to build sites very similar to FAST. The framework should be very SEO friendly as well.

There should be options to turn on Adsense ads and the functionality to display E-bay Ads from the EPN network should be built in.

Any questions or clarification, send me a message.

Happy bidding!

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