Develop A Site With Flash Game

Develop a site with Flash games. The site must accept Webmoney,; must have an affiliates program.
The flash game should:
Check permission (unregistered users and users with empty account can play only “Train” – id est cannot win the prize)
Submit game report to server (security check take place on server). The report contains hash; code words are known only by administration.
If the user had bet and hadn’t established new record, he lost his bet. Part of the money goes to administration; part goes to the game Jackpot. If he’d established new record he wins a certain percent of Jackpot. For more details see BACKEND specification. To see how the site should be seen by user – FRONTEND specification.
You shouldn’t be bothered by design, but you should create FRONTEND-Edit (For designer to later finish the job).
If you are interested, you should send me a letter on Your inquiry should OBLIGATORILY contain price.

Time graph.
The graph below is desirable, not mandatory. You can send me graph that suits you, but it should contain desirable terms, DEADLINEs and intermediate checkpoints.
If you failed to accomplish task in desirable term (but you still have some reserve days), send me all the code you’ve wrote and keep working until you finish. If you’ve missed DEADLINE, we may think that you’ve failed, may not pay you the rest of money and search for another developer.

You should send us portfolio; whether you will use framework; price; whether you’ll meet the 13-05-2010 08-00 deadline, if not you should say how many reserve time you need. If an insignificant reduction in functions will significantly reduce time needed, tell us about both variants.
Design Data Base links structure. No need to concretize a lot, but we have to see that you understand the task correctly.
DEADLINE: 4 May 2, 2010 11:00GMT
After analyzing all pros et contras we’ll make the decision who suites the task best.

Develop exchange interface between Flash and server.

Разработать интерфейс обмена между Flash и сервером. Redundancy and descendibility are desirable.
Desirable date: 6 May 08:00
DEADLINE: 7 May 08:00(1 reserve day)

Modules development
User’s module – frontend registration, etc
Desirable date: 7 May 08:00

Games module
Desirable date: 8 May 08:00

Other modules
Desirable date: 9 May 08:00

Site, running on server, with at least one game.
Desirable date: 9 May 08:00
DEADLINE for site, running on server, with at least one game: 11 May 08:00(2 reserve day for modules development)

DEADLINE: fully operational site: 13 May 08:00

All questions are welcomed:)

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