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I currently need someone who is very proficient in Adobe Flash and can create chat and webcam applications. The application I need developing will have a variety of features using webcams, keyboards and microphones. The application will be targeted at the Adult Webcam Niche but may be use for other purposes as we see fit.

The winning bidder must be willing to provide at least 6 months ongoing support for the software and ideally be available for a long term relationship for future work and updates. You must also understand we are looking to have this developed and WE own the full rights to the code and they must be provided unencrypted, once a live version has been set up and proven to work.

There are a lot of webcam sites out there and it is a competitive market which is why it is important you can cover all our feature requirements. PLEASE NOTE you only have to develop the flash we will develop the rest of the software ourselves, although we will have to work together on a way the flash can communicate with the Server Side Code (PHP).

The most important feature is that we should be able to use this software with a server running Wowza or Flash Media Server, ideally both so we can offer an option to our users. And if only one we would prefer Wowza, you should be familiar with this sort of project.

If you can look at some of these sites to get an idea of what we want, and bear in mind the version Models will use will have more features than the version paying users will use. Keep in mind we only need the flash part developed then give us a rough price, examples of your experience in this area and timescale.

I will then contact people to give the exact requirements so you can put in a full price for the work to be carried out.

Example Sites: (look at the flash chat parts)


Basic Feature List:
Cam Stream
Audio Stream
Chat Room
Members and Guests
Ability to Go Private
Timer for paying members
Two way cam in private show
No software download requirement
Cam Size/Quality options
Model ability to ban and ignore users
Timeout message on freeview at set timelimit

There are a lot more features we require but as above we will go through them with people who have the skills to do the job and are able to work ongoing with us.

If more information is required for quote then please contact us through PMB.

To recap provide:
Your rough price
Your rough timescale
Your Ability in this Area
And why we should use you

And we will get back to you 🙂


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