Super Simple Video Uploader

Super Simple Video Uploader
I am looking to have someone share or create a very simple video upload section on my site. It should convert the video to flv, use FFMPEG or Mencoder to make a thumbnail of the video, and store the filename of the video, and video thumbnail image, in my database for inclusion in other areas of my site.

The database table should be something simple like:

Name : `Videos`
Columns: `id`, `file_name`, `thumb_file_name`

`id` (int 10 – auto_increment)
`file_name` – will be the permanent .flv file of the converted video.
`thumb_file_name` – will be the .jpg file name of the thumbnail created.

The code should be very simple and short since not much is being done. I will be slightly modifying the code. You don’t need access to my server, please simply supply a PHP file and database structure that I can more or less plug in to my site myself. In other words I can change the database connection file, change the location of where FFMPEG is referenced, and create necessary folders with correct permissions. I just need a really simple script video upload script to convert all movies to FLV (I imagine thats the best method?) and store things like the file name so I can reference the video’s elsewhere on my site (such as in a video gallery).

This should not take very long at all.
Not much is being done.
Please adjust your bids accordingly.
I always leave positive feedback!

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