Oscommerce Websie Edit

Oscommerce Websie Edit
if you view cheapjordans23.com on ie you will see gif image for some reason looks strange and bg is displaying in off color i need i fixed.

“this product was added to our site” on such and such date i want removed from all products. i do now want date added o site to appear

in shopping cart after customer click checkout i want it to go to create_account.php instead of login.php

on create_account.php page i need following done
– remove fax number field
-remove newsletter question and automatically let all people joining to be added to newsletter
-remove suburb field

checkout_shipping.php i want “best way” text to be edited to “3-5 day shipping”

checkout_payment.php following text i wan edited from CREDIT CARD (gspay) to CREDIT CARD (Visa & Mastercard)

finally i need quires in my code o run faster. i feel on main page somehing is occurring to make google analytic to say my page ake 25 plus seconds for main page o load… my images are made in thumbs alrrady so figure out a new tactic i guess?

looking for programmer with experience and reviews who can do my project without any time delays. mos of requests are very small edits on site i can do myself but i need i done.. i am overbooked with work and willing to pay 50 usd max and i have new projects weekly…


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