Need Php Script For Links Mgmt

I need a simple PHP script which will have username and password on front end and back end will be a simple Text ad Links management back end

Basically the purpose is to maintain the data for advertisements links sold on our website so that invetory is maintained in back end and when the date of expiry is near by a notification could be sent via email

ADMIN can :

1.) Can add new users and provide admin / user rights
2.) Can add / delete links in backend with following tables
Link website name , Anchor text , Placed on website name, Start Date, End Date , Payment ($$), Payment id, Email id, Expiry notification (ON/OFF)

All of the above must be editable once entry is added.
Email notification must be set ON/OFF , when the date of expiry is 15days before, 10 days before , 5days before and 2days before, An email should be sent for reminder for renewal of the text link ad.

Also apart from reminder, Whenever a new link is added with a correct email id, a notification should be sent to email id giving the above details mentioned in the table saying confirmation of link placed

So basically I as an owner of website need to maintain a back end of how many links I sold to whom , all this data is needed in simple PHP / MYSQL script

Point no. 2) is very clear about requirements , Point no. 1) we can discuss.

Note : I will need the SQL file and PHP files so that its portable and can be installed on any domain

Budget : 25$ Min to 45$ Max
This is a very very simple project for someone who is expert in PHP/MYSQL

PM for discussion / details

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