New Microsite

We have built a new site to sell custom signs online and now need to take elements of the site including an exisitng flash module and build a microsite for a retail partner.

There will be no shopping cart in the microsite because we will use the retailers’ cart.

The site we have just completed needs visuals added to make it more consumer friendly , some better graphics and some additional elements like a price calculator.

Here’s our new site that needs additional work to make it more comparable to our competitor’s sites.
These are two competitor sites that offer more bells and whistles that we would like to add. and

Does you team have the time for an additional project? Will you provide an estimate to a) clean up the first site, and b) build the microsite using the same elements including the same flash module but using the retailers specifications nd website guide for all the elements. Nothing new, nothing fancy – just copy their templates and add our signs. thee may be ongoing work for our other websites if this first project goes smoothly. I need a completion deadline s well. Thanks, – Fred

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