Program/design/test 7 Pages

Hi there.

I need a “simple-looking” site created for one of my domain names. It takes a few programming tricks:

1. You’ll create 7 pages.

Page 1. You’ll program the first page to work with Aweber. You’ll need to create custom fields so it autocaptures not only the name, email but also the affiliate ID that comes after the “domain name”.

Page 2. You’ll program a countdown timer to countdown to every Thursday night at 8 PM CST. (and repeat again)

Page 3. You’ll program a video to appear every Thursday night at 8 PM and have it run from 8 to 9 PM.. Users cannot pause, rewind, fast forward this video.. and if it starts at 8 and users see it at 8:10 .. then they see the video 10 minutes into it..

Page 4. You’ll create a “create free account” so users can create a username and affiliate id. They get to choose their affiliate ID!! which is placed after their domain name like this is also the same ID that gets sent to aweber as a custom field in Page 1.

Page 5. Please login to your backoffice. The backoffice is a simple one page – two column professional looking backoffice.

Page 6. BACKOFFICE: Here’s your affiliate link and a “tell a friend” script..

That’s it! I have a full detailing of how the pages should look.. how they should function .. complete instructions on top of this!

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