Php And Css Tasks

I’m looking for an experienced PHP developer who understands (and has worked with) smarty templates and CSS files before.

The tasks are quite simple:

1. add a JS to a page so that when when a title is clicked, it displays a different block of text to another title.

2. Change the CSS class so when text is moused over the colour changs to RED

3. Change the CSS class again for another text/link

4. An image on the right hand side of a page needs to have the white space removed

5. An image need to be moved so that it doesn’t appear over the text

6. Another JS to show different blocks of text when a title is clicked.

I only want to hear from developers who:

a. have a minimum of ten reviews with ratings of 10
b. be available to start and complete work with this task today or at the latest by Monday 3rd May
c. You must have Skype bcz i will communicate with you for each task

Look forward to hear from you.


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