Need Flash Card Game – Phase 1

Need Flash Card Game – Phase 1

im looking for a Card Game to be done in Flash or Java. The Game in India its called “Mendi Court”, either way i will be posting the game logic.

the game should be mulitplayer with 2 player or 4 players. should allow people to register, play alone against another , or join a team with another. Or form a fixed group against other players and grow up the ranking ladder.

im tight on budget, but who ever gets this project will also get phase2 which will be facebook integration which will be priced seperately.

Databse should be mySQL. Php can be used as frontend. The Game Logic is attached as a PDF file

The Cards Designs will need to be vector, i think we get ready clipart for these. Preference will be given to those who have done games in the past and are reasonable.

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