Script To Self-extract -load

Script To Self-extract -load

I have a website “package” that I am going to be selling.

It is a home page and approx 50 other pages.

The 50 other pages are going to be set up on hosting as subdomains. ie: PLUS 50 like this:,

I am instructing the buyers/users to secure hosting which has Cpanel for site admin.

I am going to give them the whole site in one ZIp file which I want them to be able to use the “Extract” feature in Cpanel to open and install.

The first step I am instructing them to do is set up the 50 sub domains using the exact subdomain names I provide.

Once they have the 50 subdomians created in their hosting account, then I instuct them how to load and Extract the file.

This is the key problem I need resolved:

The users are beginners. So, I need the file to extract and load INCLUDING loading the appropriate pages into the SUBDOMAINS automatically if possible? Or, the easiest solution a very inexperienced user can do. NOTE: I am making instructional videos to demonstrate exactly what to do once we have the process set up and defined.

Ideally a script can be written to carry out this function?

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