Centos Server With Whm/cpanel

Centos Server With Whm/cpanel

Verifying and completing the setup of the dedicated Linux server
The scope and tasks descriptions:

Our European (SK) client’s new dedicated server has:
OS: CentOs
Control Panel: WHM/CPanel (freshly installed)
Domain: bizhost.sk registered and ready to be pointed to the server as main server domain.
Applications: Apache2, PHP5, MySQL, phpmyadmin

What’s needed:
1) verifying the set up of the WHM/cPanel panel + set up of the main bizhost.sk server domain
2) to install firewall (probably configserver), Spam Assassin, ImageMagick
3) verifying/installing basic services (ftp, mail, etc), reverse DNS
4) your advice on:
a) is one main IP address sufficient for the nameservers? We were told that nowadays it’s ok to have one. I just need to verify that with you. Do we need a private (internal) IP?
b) optimizing the server (Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc).
c) security settings to prevent any IP address hacking, or unauthorized access.

5) any other recommendations on essential applications needed to be installed in order to run this webhost server (if required we will pay for additional software). Your task will be to ensure that the applications are properly installed and guide me through installation/software details.

I would like to be involved as much as possible. I’ll let you do the job, but I’d like to be updated about each step so we can keep our client informed.
Of course if needed I can do many things myself, just need some guidance.

Timeline for this is not strictly defined. Of course we will be glad if the server can be used as soon as possible.
Initial phase: up to 1-2 days to have server running on bizhost.sk domain wit essential applications.
Tune Up phase: up to 4-5 days. This would be not very time demanding, just randomly check/verify/modify additional server issues (in fact it might be even not needed).

Tell me what information you will be needing to start with. Once again a limited budget to work with.

Please, feel free to let me know should you have any questions/suggestions.
Thank you.

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