i am looking for a programmer to be able to 100% match this website with all current features to the letter. www.gumtree.co.za

il say it again match it completely!!!!!!!!

the only extras i want is a new theme and easier admin panel i will show you the layout of the admin panel i want.

please visit the site and make sure you can do that for me then and only then should you bid.

please also take note this website has google adsense integrated in it so it shows as sponsored links. so thats how i want it done aswell.

i need to be able to communicate constantly and need feedback as often as you can.

i need to be able to view the demo of admin and user panel.

the scripting has to be 100% no bugs.as clients will be paying for advertising space.

please view the demo and admin panel view it here http://www.classifieddemo.com/
and view the features here http://www.classifiedscript.org/

i need that exact site but need to have both features from gumtree.co.za and and the admin panel from iki classifieds.com that’s my goal.

the admin panel needs to look like iki classifieds if you can do this send me a mail and we can start work. i dont want nulled scripts so be clean when coding as the look need to be original.

please not this script cost 99$ from the above website

here is more info on the requirements:

-If you have any doubt in producing the site PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A BID, and I don’t wish to waste your time or mine.

Communication is the key so regular update is a must, Selected Bidder must be able to provide me with DAILY updates as well as links to previews / designs every step along the way.

Bidders cannot list their company logos on the completed website and All open Source code and copyrights license must be included in the bid price.

these are the current features i am listing to make you see what it has these are not addon features so dont bid extra saying i want too much.

-built in payment gateway suitable for heavy traffic and multi country use with IP detection Technology for countries with single domain designed for specialist industry, The site must be up and running ready for business, SEO friendly URLs for top rankings in major search engines, Powerful and robust admin system, Must be bug free.
-disclaimer popup on front page of website for new updates to the website and important info on admin panel it can be enabled and disabled when i need to update.
-credit payment,paypal needs to be very secure
-add comment box bellow each lising and rate the lising
-share to favrites,email ad,share to twitter and facebook,
-all new postings must be sent to rss feeds.and facebook and twitter
-10 google adsense ads per lising 5 on top 5 at bottom
– Forum module.
– Events listing module with calendar.
– Banner upload system.

– CMS must be Simple and easy to use
– Data entry must included
– SEO optimization and installation to my host must be included
– Ajax, PHP, My SQL Database.
– W3c validated.
– Google adsense integration.(scripted to show as sponsored links not ads by google,this is a must.)

Seller Options

Post Classified ads

Upload Photos more info

Add Google Maps more info

Renew Listing

Edit Listing

Remove Listing


Anti Spam

Featured Listing

Events more info

Member area

Buyer Options

Contact Seller

Printer Friendly Page

Email to a friend

Advanced Search more info

Search by Zip code

Favorites List

Sort Listings

Browsing Filters

Admin Settings

Manage Ads

Manage Categories / Subcategories more info

Manage Users

Manage Pricing Plans more info

Manage Emails

Manage Maps

Manage Reports

Manage Custom fields more info

Manage Cities more info

Number of Photos per ad

Listing Approval

Registration Approval

Suspend Users

Bad Word Filter

Description Character Limit

Warning page/message more info

Ban IP

RSS Feeds

Forum more info

Multi-languages more info

Security Features

Secure Registration

Secure Login

Secure Listing

Bad Word Filter

Form Field Checking

Suspend Users

Earning Features

Banner Insertion more info

Adsense more info

Top Ads more info

Homepage Gallery must have a refresh feature at visit and must have unlimited fields for new ads it must have a moving feature like auto scroll so each ad will show 1 at a time so every1 gets a chance to have their ad seen.more info

Accept Paypal/Credit cards,direct debit,and all options should be enabled or disabled. more info

Site Customization

Source Code Open

White label

SEO Friendly with own links in search engines

Unlimited Categories

Manage Fonts, Colors

Currency for diff countries


Unlimited number of cities

Change city panel more info

City list more info

Multi-city Categories / Subcategories

Multi-city Maps

More details:

Banner insertion
Place banners wherever you want. Subscribe to an affiliate network and start adding banners to your website. User-generated content provides revenue. You can add banners on the homepage, at the top/bottom or on the right/left of listings and/or ads in one category, one subcategory or the whole site (see all the locations on the Live demo admin area).

allows you to place your Google Adsense ads just like banners. You can add Adsense ads on the homepage, at the top/bottom or on the right/left side of listings or/and ads in one category, one subcategory or the whole site. Each time a link is clicked in the Adsense box, you earn money. The Admin panel includes an Adsense section from where you can add/edit/delete your Adsense code (see all the locations on the Live demo admin area).

The Multi-city version of our software allows you to create an unlimited number of cities. Each city works independently. Each one has its own categories / subcategories, maps, adsense, banners… Users can switch from one city to another using the Change city panel or by clicking the name of a city in the City list at the top or/and at the bottom of each page.

The Pay-per-ad system allows you to charge users to post ads on your website. You can set some categories to be paid and some to be free of charge. Users pay using Paypal or by credit card.

Top Ads
Top ads are ads that appear in a special section at the top of a category page. More people read and reply to these ads because of their prominent position on the first page of a category for a longer period. Top ads require the payment of a small fee. Users can pay using Paypal or by credit card.

Homepage Gallery
The Homepage Gallery is a special section at the top of the homepage where selected ads are displayed. More people read and reply to these ads because of their prominent position on the homepage. Users pay (by Paypal or credit card) to place their ads in the Homepage Gallery. If there are more than 8 ads at a time, you can refresh the page or click an arrow to the right of the ads to see more ads.

Google Maps
Your online classifieds website integrates Google Maps into its service. Using your website to search for a product or service, users will be able to restrict search results to a particular country, state, region, city or suburb – and can view the location with integrated satellite and/or road maps. Users can sort ads by area or simply watch the latest listings posted with maps in real time. When you click on a map-marker you can see the title and price for a specific ad.

You can run your classifieds website (admin + frontend) in any language. English, Spanish and French are preloaded and can be selected in a drop-down menu. You can easily add a new language by translating a list of words / phrases in the Admin panel. The program will automatically detect that you created a new language and it will appear in the drop-down menu.

Give users the opportunity to chat and interact with your website community members. Registered users become members of the forum automatically. No additional registration required.

Manage Categories / Subcategories
Add, edit or delete categories and subcategories. You can create an unlimited number of subcategories. For example: Buy and sell > Cars > Second hand > Honda. You can specify the order and whether or not a fee is required for ads in this subcategory. You can edit the message when browsing the subcategory.

Upload Photos
You can allow users to add photos to their ads. You can select the maximum number of photos allowed per ad (up to 5). Your site can manage an unlimited number of photos.

Users can post events in the Event category.

Warning page/message
This option allows you to force users to read a “warning” message/page before allowing them to see what is on the next pages. You can activate it for one or several categories, subcategories… You can edit the message via the Admin panel.

Advanced search
Users can search ads using the Search engine, the Advanced search engine or My Budget search engine. All are located just below the menu. You can enable/disable the Advanced and/or My budget search engines from the Admin panel.

Accept Paypal/Credit cards
Users pay to post ads (Pay-per-ad system) or to place Top Ads using Paypal or credit cards. You can link the system to your Paypal account effortlessly from a special section of the admin panel.

Manage Custom fields
Unlimited number of custom fields per category / subcategory. You can specify the order of fields, decide wether a field is mandatory or not. You can create custom fields for one or several categories / subcategories, you can delete all custom fields of a category at once…

Manage Price plans
Modify Pay-per-ad prices and Top Ad cost duration directly from the admin panel. Change fees, length of time…


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