Retrieve Directadmin Info

Retrieve Directadmin Info

Hello all ,

Please read carefully , if you don’t know Directadmin and API’s , please don’t respond.
This script is ment to retrieve data form DA , NOT edit data in Directadmin.

For a client I need the following :

Retrieve data from an Directadmin ( adminlevel ) account
– List info in advanced mode ( load average in image bars )
* with servername link to terminal , link to server info page , link to settings
– List info in simple mode ( load average in image bars)
* with servername
– List added servers with load average sorted by load

Link to page with terminal
Link to page with all serverinfo
* List complete usage statistics
* Retrieve running services ( like Http/mysql/sshd/ etc etc Yes/No )
* Retrieve diskusage / bandwith

Refresh load average every x seconds on indexpage

Adminpanel :

Must be very secure ofcourse.
Loginpage to adminpanel.
List servers ( servername – server type – edit/delete )
Add server form ( with all neccessary fields to retrieve data from Directadmin )
Set email adress per server for alarm mail ( also CC and BCC )
Be able to set at what level email should be send to alarm ( at what load )
When load is very high , what user account is causing the load ?

Additional info :
– Script should be installed at ( not in public_html )
– Works with Directadmin API’s
– Example pages are available how things should look !
– After development we get full rights , reselling is not allowed
– You can use PHP/Mysql 5
– You may use Jquery/Ajax/Lightbox

DA Api info

Please keep in mind that in a later stage we may ask for membersregistration or admin can add users who can add their own servers to watch.

Looking forward to your bids !

Kind regards,

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