Web Based Member Directory

Web Based Member Directory

I need to design a web based workers and member directory (PHP and MySql).

It would allow people to data entry staff login with a username and password after they have been registered to enter records of members.

There would be a search and report page. Search would be based on name, gender, state of origin and marital status.

There would be another section that would deal with worker’s data entry. There would be different department. There would be a search page and report page. Search would be based on Name, Gender, Marital Status, State of Origin, Department and Date Joined work force.

The report page should be able to summarize the number of workers in church department and total membership.

The report should also be able to show the number of workers entered per day categorized per department with the names, phone number and occupation of the new members.

I have attached the membership form to this.
The worker’s Data form is the same with the worker’s form but 4 more fields are needed.
– Department joined (PRU, PCU, Avalanche, Protocol, Ushery, Media … etc)
– Date joined workforce
– Date Born Again
– Do you speak in tongues (Yes or No Value)

Also when a new workers data is entered, is should appear as “In Training” on the Department Field in the report page when a search is to be made.

There should be a way to remove workers in training after training has been completed and a letter generated with the worker’s name on it welcoming to the workforce.

There should also be a means to track which data entry staff registered which worker, that is a report grouping registered workers and memeber’s name per data entry staff.

A database backup process should also be included.

Use the Title on the word document as the banner for all the pages to be designed

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