Site Development In Magento

Site Development In Magento

New Site Development.
(Please leave a DETAILED proposal when bidding or your bid will not be considered. This should include a completion timeline.)

Business Needs:
The Intended outcome of this project is to create an E-Commerce website based entirely on a CMS(content management system). Keep in mind that we have an Existing E-Commerce website although we will be using an entirely new design as well as a new backend system.

Project Objectives:
Our Object is to create an easy to use and affective E-Commerce site. We would also like to incorporate many web 2.0 features. We understand the time it takes to construct a site of this magnitude and we are looking to complete the project in a timely fashion

Project Content:
Currently we are using Miva Merchant, But we will be transferring over to the most recent version of Magento. The basics of the project involve heavy knowledge of the Magento Backend.

As well as custom Modules. As well as possibly needing to build upon existing Modules.

As stated in the Project Objectives we would like to incorporate a few web 2.0 features that we would use in multiple locations. There are examples of all web 2.0 features in the design comps, A few of the features would be a light box function for photos as well as pop-ups for certain menu options. We currently have design comps for all pages and most of the web 2.0 features. If Needed Further comps can be made available.

We want to migrate our current website to Magento with some additional features to be written by the development team we award this project to.

We have a ecommerce store that is basically html/php pages that have miva code to tie into Miva Merchant 4.0 backend.

We are very SEO conscious, so we want to keep existing URL’s and redirect them to the new pages generated by Magento/CMS. We don’t want to lose any of our Page Rank or relevance.

We believe that Magento can handle the entire project, but are open to integration of Magento and CMS’s.

There are 2800 pages that exist on current site, 85% of those are Gallery Pages, the rest are content pages

For further details on the project and a complete page by page breakdown view the attached project synopsis.

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