Website Php Ajax Javascript

Website Php Ajax Javascript

One of our Client looking for young 18-28 years old good programmers on full time working base.

You need to have very good knowledge of PHP, AJAX, JavaScript,

and only FreeLancers can apply for this project! Client dont want to work with Company or who is working with Programming Company at the moment. Person need to be not working anywhere.

To qualify for the Big Project that same client there is a small test with SugarCRM.

The Programmer need to create a Plugin for SugarCRM :

-The Plugin will place a button next to VIEW CHANGE LOG button in Account detailed view
-This button when user click will fill a JPEG form(this form already design so you will use php to write over image technique to fill the fields) so all account details will be filled on the form. you can use any sample form with few fields for demo .

(if you dont have server to do this than please ask we can provide server details SugarCRM installed as many you want no problem)

All the payments will be on Scriptlance.

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