Timer Problems

Timer Problems

javascript based timer keeps freezing up so

I need someone who is a javascript expert to go through this timer line by line and optimize it, this timer is a central component to my site and must be rock solid. It would be best if you also know a good amount of php and sql and the realtion of all three together. Also you must have a through understanding of cron jobs in relation to running a php file.

you will be required to document everything you do
every file you touch must be baked up and provide to me seperately
basically i want to know what went wrong where

you will have ftp access only

dont reply with your portfolio and i dont care if you have 0 reviews or 5 zillon I just want to know you can do it , you can do it now, this shouldnt be a big job for someone who knows what they are doing shouldnt take more than 1hr. I want it done right the first time though so if it takes a wee bit longer i understand. if you fix this i may have more work for you on this same site as i want to add some things to it.

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