Complete Tarot App./website

Complete Tarot App./website

Complete Free Tarot Reading Application and Finish Website

The main work has been done for this website already. I have hired 2 programmers who guaranteed me they could complete my project instead they all dropped out and left me hanging! I don’t want to waste your time or mine.

The site revolves around free tarot readings, which are intended to attract traffic, advertisers and licensing situations looking to monetize free reading aspect (for ex.

I am looking for a programmers to research where the site was left off and tell me what is needed to complete the tarot application. I need someone who can build the rest of the tarot application, which may require creating original files.
I don’t have old programmer’s files other than working application on the current site. Please don’t ask me for those past files or disable current files to finish application of my current site from working.

These are the few aspects of the website that need to be completed,

1. Free Tarot reading application, once reading has launched I need cards to turn over and stay turned over at the end of the reading, need the ability to email to someone to view reading with text. Also need current cards to be updated with
a new deck. I also have a site manager to update text it too must work with completed application. The way this is suppose to work is that CMS enables you to add/edit text,make it ready for the Flash File to read and update with all permissions added, Flash then picks it up and shows the in the tarot reading. I do have the flash source editable file which is in a zip for you.

2. Search engine friendly content related to the domain name category
3. A store added with pay pal. Once these aspects are completed then I will go over the whole site and come up with a list of minor changes which will also need to be completed.
4. Basic text content updated ie spelling of link titles.

I am open to suggestions; once you analyze the project please give me a realistic approach to complete this project. I’m more interested in a completion instead of a promise that can’t be fulfilled.

I will then need a list of what will be needed to be completed from you as well as a definite timeline, not interested in a site redesign.

Send links of your work and examples of what you could do for me.

If you do a great job on finishing this site the next aspect of this project will be to use the Free Tarot Applications that will run within Facebook using all the same fundamental technologies as a websites which integrates within Facebook.

Thank you for bidding.

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