Short Url Script

Short Url Script

I am looking for a short URL script in PHP. Think or TinyURL

Would like users to be able to:

*create account to track/manage their links
*create short URL without account
*easily post their short URL to facebook and twitter without leaving site. Would like user to be able to add their comments to post on facebook/twitter along with short URL.
*Use custom tags in their links (want admin to have banned word capability)

Would like an admin panel with the following:

*user and link stats
*manage links/users
*ability to block both target and referring domains (admin may stop all redirects to certain domain + all traffic from certain domain)
*spam protections (e.g. set max links from IP or user per day, Set minimum time between submissions)

Much of the source code for this is freely available on the internet, so I would not expect this to be too time intensive. Please note in your bid if installation is easy. If it is easy, I will do it.

Also let me know the license rights of the code. Are you using a third party script?

A working demo would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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