Ppv/ppm Web Cam Site Mod

Ppv/ppm Web Cam Site Mod

Please state a specific bid amount to be considered.

Site is already up and running. It is written in PHP and a little Flash. It was purchased as a cloned site. I have made my own modifications but need a few more that are beyond my scope.

These are the features that it has and the ones that we wish to add/modify:

Model side:

Script has a non-functioning schedule – Need a working model schedule so members can view accordingly.
Need more options added to model profile, such as bra size, etc.
Need ability for script to take automatic cam snapshots and upload to our server, perhaps every 15 sec or so, during live shows.
Need ability for script to auto-record all live shows. These videos would then be auto-uploaded and sold for either pay per minute or pay per view.
Need to add a “willingness” questionnaire after model is approved. What the models are willing to do on camera.
Using the existing resources, would like to add a video interview process for prospective models. This would be in conjunction with the required ID submission process.

Member side:

Would like to implement a way to schedule live shows with the models. Member would be charged a flat rate for reschedules and for no shows.
Creation of a voyeur mode or ghost mode, where they can view a live show in progress with no interaction between model and/or other members. Voyeur mode would be at a discounted rate.
Voyeur mode can be joined by several members at a time.
Addition of an ability to credit a model’s account for purchases at our future online store implementation.

Admin side:

Script is currently set up for Flash Media Server. Would love to have the script set up to work with Red5, so as to save on expensive FMS package.
Need to tweak current flash player , making it larger (full screen possibly), better site theme implementation, and the text area be a little less obstructive. Perhaps when no one is typing, the text fades away.
I will retain the rights to this script and be able to make modifications to it, if necessary.
Half the payment will be submitted when a working model of the program is available for me to view.
The other half will be presented upon completion.

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