Social Engine Plugin Php

Social Engine Plugin Php

Project is create a Social Engine plugin using PHP and Smarty.

Similar to this:
Here’s one put on Social Engine: but it doesn’t move, is hard to edit, and does not dismiss (close)

Admin Panel would be similar to:

Admin Post-it Note Enabled □

Enter Message

Frequency of Appearance
□ Once per browser session
□ Every page load

Position of Post-It
From Left XXXX px
From Top XXXX px

Post-it Size XX x XX px

Post-it Color
□ Yellow
□ Bright Yellow
□ Light Blue
□ Pink
□ White

Dismiss Indicator
□ Text Close
□ Text [Close]
□ Icon 1
□ Icon 2
□ Close on click

If you have not created a Social Engine plugin, there is a two-part tutorial:

Payment when files install and run as a plugin, administrated through the Admin Panel.

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