Convert To Multi-user Site

Convert To Multi-user Site

I currently have a fairly simple FAQ site that uses a mysql database.
I was designed for one user to input information into the questions. I want to change the site so that it can accomodate multiple users.

That means it must have a simple account system built into it so that one can:

create a basic account (current database must be modified to accept user id etc.)

make a paypal payment via monthly subscription, I will provide priceing details. This will happen when creating the account.

log in the site using their user id

add their own questions via an existing form.

save the info to the database. when the month is up, they will be sent an email that they are being billed for a new month or the must cancel.

Upon receipt of your bid, I will allow access to the site. Ask questions and modify your bid as necessary before I award.

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