Simple Php/mysql Change

Simple Php/mysql Change

I have an existing gallery/video page that lists ALL of my gallery names with a thumbnail image. It also has a video player and lists ALL of my videos.

I have added a new field to my CATEGORIES table (which is where the images are pulled from for the gallery list) called TYPE. I have added a new field to my VIDEOS table (which is where the videos are pulled from).

Instead of showing ALL of my videos and galleries I want to ONLY show those videos and galleries that where there is a match of a hard coded page ID and the TYPE field I inserted into the 2 tables.

I assume for someone who knows what they are doing this is a fairly simple job. I know a little but not enough!

The current site is a home builder. Currently all his videos show up on the gallery page and all his images. I want to be able to create custom pages with a hard coded ID number so that only videos and photos with bathrooms show up. Or only pages with contemporary jobs show up. The TYPE is numbers. There can be more than 1 number because a job could include both a kitchen and a bathroom. If 1 represents a kitchen, the type for the video table for an item that includes a kitchen might be 1. If 2 represents a bathroom and a job had both a kitchen and bathroom the TYPE field for the videos table for that particular job would be 1,2.


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