Clone & Upgrade Clone & Upgrade

We want a complete clone of and some upgrades

We like the site to be codded in PHP and the frontend end interface must be the complete clone of,
The bidder must study the site very well and the complete job must be no different from the specified site not only in design but also in functions!

Plus we need a complete admin panel with statistical features!
And as an addition to that we are looking for at least 1 month support and of course after the job finish,
We are going to keep working with the programmer on this project if we need any additions!

As the extra features to here is what we like…
-Go to the There are two features that we like on that site! (The Coder must study this site well also due to the features we like!)


-The Coder must go and visit;
Actually this site have a basic concept and a key feature and we want that feature on our clone to make some difference!
The feature is like this;

User1 Shows Film: A B C D and X as Favorite!
User2 Shows Film: A B C and D as Favorite!

So the system learns their users tastes! And the system advice User2 to watch Film X also, by the time it’ll collect more data, the system makes pin point predictions!
But the Winning Bidder must learn and study the website very well to adopt this system to our idea!

Additional Info
I need a 100% clone of

The provider should clone every single pages they have. There is about 5000 manga with >2 millions pages and i want it all.

I also need to import their daily/latest upload after the current content is cloned.

So in this plan we need a Software on the server! which rip their daily uploads and updates our site as much as we run it(There must be an option to close it and open it from admin panel)

You have to created the site on your own server 1st before migrating it into mine. And you have to give me daily reports so i can give you some ideas on the run!

Hope you understand what to do!


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