Help Debug Ffmpeg Script

Help Debug Ffmpeg Script

Hi there,

Thanks for looking at our project. Please do not bid without first looking at the attached output.txt file.

Do you have experience with ffmpeg, jpegtopnm, pamcut, etc.? We need some help debugging a ffmpeg script.

Our script does the following:
– It extracts images, an MP3 file, and some text data from a SWF.
– It then assembles these into a slideshow with basic effects.
– It then saves this slideshow as an AVI file.

The script works fine, except that it is WAY too slow. Right now it takes approximately 10 minutes to process each 1.5MB source file.

Please look at output.txt (attached). This shows the full set of messages that appear when I run this script via ssh.

According to these messages, it looks like the script is creating the AVI file at 66 fpm. This may be why it is taking so long. That is more than twice the frame rate we need. There are also a few error messages shown — see output.txt for details.

Again, the actual .avi files produced by this script are just fine. They are just taking too long, perhaps due to some settings or setup errors. That’s what we need help with.

Anyway, please take a look at output.txt and if it looks like something you’re familiar with, and you think you could help us to get the last bugs out of this script and get it running smoothly, please bid, and we look forward to working with you on this. Thanks.

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